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  Hologram Sunglasses

See through 3D images on lens of Hologram Sunglasses

How to print graphic or images on lens surface can be seen through?The new laser printing technology can create this hologram sunglasses, as a new style of sunglasses be usually used for poker and promotional gifts.While wearing glasses, the seen of sight is not affected.

We have different holographic images sunglasses in stock,Crazy Eyes,Manijuana Leaf,Smiley Face,Skull,Love,$ dollars signs,Lizard Eyes,Crazy Dino Eyes,sales only $0.95 per pair.

And you can customize your images on hologram sunglasses lens, print company LOGO or picture for organization's promotional gifts.

hologram sunglasses


Graphic be seen through on lens of glasses, you can custom your graphic also. A lower quantity be requested to post your images on lens,just to contact me to get details.

Hologram sunglasses is a funny eyewear with UVA & UVB protection 100%.

For the UVA & UVB protection, the lens be made of anti-UV plastic and have 2 lays consults.

As we know,UV is not visible, but can seriously damage the skin and eyes. UV damage to eyes symptoms include: cataracts, retinitis, macular degeneration. Can cause maximum damage to the cornea is generally less than 280nm UV. The general damage to the lens in the 380-320nm long-wave ultraviolet light. UV also has a feature that caused the injury to the body accumulation of both a certain intensity of UV radiation intermittently, but also can produce as a big dose of irradiation the effect. Different wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation on the human body are not the same damage. UVA (8%) make the skin black, susceptibility to cataracts; UVB (2%) were the skin erythema and skin cancer has caused keratitis.

hologram sunglasses
  popular holographic sunglasses $0.95 each - many of style in stock.

How to customize hologram sunglasses with your images be posted.

Are you looking for a novelty sunglasses, or a personality party sunglasses?It is different from the expensive designer sunglasses,the hologram sunglases be sales with a special price,a popular images hologram sunglasses sales $0.95 per each. To customize 300 pair of your images sunglasses will get a lower price.


Various Useful Occasions:

*Poker Player
*Sports Events
*Music Concerts 
*Travel Team

To choose hologram sunglasses popular style from here:
>>>Store Front

Or to custom your glasses with logo / graphic posted by:
>>>contact me

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